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Tuesday February 13, 2018
Tyer: Chris Krysciak
Topic: Trout Unlimited
    Chris Krysciak is an upcoming tyer from Toronto. He will be demonstrating some effective patterns for Czech style nymphing techniques. You can bring your own equipment and materials or materials can be had for a small fee at the meeting.

Higa's SOS

Dohiku 302 size 14 (or equivalent nymph hook)
Silver tungsten bead 3mm
Black thread
Black pheasant tail
Small silver wire
Red floss
Black Krystal flash
Black uv ice dub

Iron lotus

Dohiku HDJ #16 (or equivalent jig hook)
Slotted gold tungsten bead 2.8mm or 3mm
Olive thread
Coq de Leon speckled
Small silver wire
Uv glue or other adhesive to coat body
Fine and buggy olive dubbing (rabbit or squirrel)
Natural pheasant tail
Red thread for hotspot

Rainbow warrior

Dohiku 302 #14 (or equivalent nymph hook)
Silver tungsten bead 3mm
Red thread
Pearl Mylar
Natural pheasant tail
Rainbow scud dub
    Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month from September to April. Meetings are held upstairs at the Police Association at 555 Upper Wellington Street, Hamilton, Ontario. Doors open at 7 and meetings begin at 7:30  
Newcomers are always welcome!!
2017- 2018 NEWS of the HAFFT
   Bill Christmas gave us an overview of the recent activities of the Ted Knot chapter of Trout Unlimited. He covered project successes and challenges on Miller and Spencer Creeks and their tributaries. All present were encouraged to participate in TU endeavours.

The fly tying night on January 9th was a great success. Tommy Kee returned to lead us through tying the Tarpon Toad, a great tarpon fly (which might look really  good to a bass or pike as well) Feathers were flying and the sound of scissors filled the air.

On December 12 Richard Curry, one of our own HAFFT members, gave a great presentation of his recent trip to Alaska. He tied into eight different species of salmonoids in one week.......a Grand Slam!!!!! He covered the trip in detail leaving the audience ready to book a trip of their own.

Tommy Kee gave a great presentation about saltwater flyfishing in the Bahamas on Novemebr 28. There were many tantalizing pictures of huge fish, sunny blue sky, clear water, and sand. 

On Tuesday November 14 Peter Iannozzo demonstrated a few streamer patterns showing us some great tips while tying classics like Muddler and Zonker patterns.

John French led a great workshop on rod and reel maintenance on October 24th. We dismantled and cleaned reels, line/leader/backing connections, and rods while discussing do's and don'ts, tools, etc. 

Rob Clarke visited on October 10th and demonstrated a few oh his favourite "late season" hairwing steelhead patterns. Punctuated with tying and fishing tips, Rob's demonstration was entertaining and educational........like always!

On Tuesday September 26, Rick Crawford led a discussion of fishing small streams with small dry flies for small trout. Rick then went on to demonstrate the tying of three of his favourite small dry flies he uses for small stream fishing.